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Vinitaly 2014
"Flavors of... Montenetto"

“Rampollo"- the new Marzemino DOC of Azienda San Bernardo
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Our Company

Established in 1933 the agricultural holding Azienda Agricola San Bernardo is owned and run by Enrico and Luigi Botti, third generation of wine makers. Located in Poncarale, in the very heart of the Monte Netto Park, the estate consists of a manor house which dates back to the 13th century and a small private chapel dedicated to Saint Bernard Abbot. According to the popular tradition the Saint from Clairvaux, charmed by the peace and the tranquility of the place, considered it the ideal location for a monastery. The evidence of the Saint’s passing by is the magnificent altar piece still displayed in the chapel which depicts Saint Bernard during the apparition of the Virgin Mary. The Sangiovese, Marzemino, Merlot, Trebbiano di Verona, white Pinot vineyards spread over 18 Hectares in the Park on the Monte Netto hill of Brescia where the mainly clay soil is productive and therefore suitable for vine growing. The whole process, from the careful choice of the bunches of grapes in the vineyard to the winemaking and the bottling, is carried out in our facility and the results are excellent wines appreciated by a growing number of customers coming also from out of the province of Brescia. In our beautiful cellar, in the manor house, visitors can admire magnificent frescoes and paintings on wooden ceilings dating back to the 17th century when the Monastery became the residence of a well known family belonging to the local aristocracy. A wide parking is available for visitors. We also provide free of charge home delivery service for Brescia and its province. On request guided visits to our cellar and the chapel.

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