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Rampollo Presentation

“Rampollo”: Marzemino DOC of Azienda San Bernardo

This is the newcomer among the wines produced by the historic winery San Bernardo owned by Botti Luigi and Enrico, located in the very heart of the Montenetto Agricultural Park, in the municipality of  Poncarale. With its arrival Rampollo brings along centuries of history, making thus an ancient grape variety as Marzemino, which here on the Montenetto has its autochthonous variety, the most modern among the grape varieties of this area. In order to understand its name we have to refer to its etymology: Rampollo means “recently born” and it refers to the bud of a plant (hence the reference to the grape bud); the word can also be used to define a subterranean spring. But it’s once again in its etymology that we can find another meaning of the word: son, offspring of a noble family. So let’s try to mix the meaning of the word with history, territory and tradition. Here on Montenetto in the past the Rampolli belonging to the noble families of Brescia used to organize hunts on horseback with sumptuous banquets where game and wine were served.  

And it was on these tables that they used to drink a toast to joy and their glasses were probably overflowing with Marzemino! The pebbly and clay soil formed by the sediments of the river Mella has always been suitable for grape growing.  The Marzemino of Montenetto, autochthonous variety, which was awarded  the Controlled Designation of Origin since the grape harvest of 2011, was already grown back in the 1500s by Agostino Gallo, the most outstanding agronomist of the Italian Renaissance who first appreciated and promoted this vine variety.  
Rampollo, 100% Marzemino, is the result of a long and patient work starting from the Vineyard: low vine yield,  super-ripeness of the grapes on the plant, hand picking in bins and controlled temperature are a guarantee of the quality and elegance of this wine.

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