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Chapel of Saint Bernard

15th century Chapel dedicated to Saint Bernard Abbot

It is said that in his wanderings Saint Bernard arrived in Poncarale, near Monte Netto, where the Virgin Mary appeared to him. The event, passed down from generation to generation, is represented in a painting, an altar piece, commissioned by the nobles Pietro and Giovanni Mazzola to the painter Antonio Frinzoni in 1884. The altar piece was placed in a small and charming chapel located in one of their estates on Monte Netto. The chapel was later dedicated to Saint Bernard. The estate and the chapel have been recently bought by Luigi and Enrico Botti who, wishing to restore to its original beauty what was once an extremely popular place of worship, put themselves to work with brooms and brushes. Despite their bad conditions, the most important works of art found in the chapel were restored by skilled experts who, after being appointed by the owners, took care of those works of art. Luigi and Enrico have no news on the date of the building: the only date is the one carved on the bell of the chapel: 1622. The architectural structure, the gate and other parts are the only elements on which some hypotheses can be made and for sure art historians could easily interpret those elements. An in-depth research would be interesting. The Botti family remember that the chapel was regularly used until 30 years ago and was then neglected: since they are very fond of the place, as many other people in the area, they restored it.

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